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North County
Driving School

Pay and Learn = Pass and Earn

LGV and PCV Driver Training Courses

Driver training courses are for 20 hours over 4-5 days. Driver training can begin once you have obtained a provisional LGV or PCV licence.

  • Book your medical and get the Doctor to complete form D4. There is a fee for this service which will vary between doctors.

  • Complete the D2 (driving licence application) form specifying which licence you are applying for. LGV (HGV Class 2) is category C, LGV (HGV Class 1) is category C+E and PCV (Bus) is category D.
  • Send both the medical form (D4) and the provisional licence application form (D2) to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BR. There is no longer a fee to apply for your provisional licence.

  • Once you have received your provisional licence you can then contact North County HGV Driving School to arrange driver training and take your theory tests.
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All driver training is performed on a one to one basis. North County HGV Driving School can supply training manuals and videos. Medicals can also be arranged through the Driving School at a competitive rate.

Car and Trailer Training

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North County HGV Driving School can also provide driver training for Category B+E (Car and Trailer) driving tests. If you passed your car driving tests after January 1997, you will need to take the additional driving test to legally tow caravans and trailers. Please contact us for further information., or visit our dedicated sister website

Telephone 01942 514265


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